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Description: This was a custom……You are “Mrs Kova”, 30 and a Yoga Instructor. You’ve just moved into town with your husband and are desperate for a baby to start a family. It’s Christmas Day. Your husband works away a lot but is due back this morning. So you decide to dress up in a skimpy Xmas Outfit and put on a show to spice things up. I am your 18 year old neighbour. I live with my mom and I find your purse on your drive – you’ve not realised you’ve dropped it. So I call round to give it to you. The video has two short parts. Okay have the camera set up facing a closed door. You are on the other side of the door (not in view). Pretend I knock and open the door. Your back is turned. You think im your husband “Kyle”. Say something sexy like “Hey baby, ive been a really bad girl this year and am ready to be punished.” Then start teasing and twerking in the doorway (your back to the camera). DO this for about a minute until you realise you aren’t getting any reaction. Straighten up frustrated and be like “Oh for fuck sake Kyle. Whats wrong with you? I’m here giving it my all and your just stood there like a limp … AHHHHH!” You turn around and spot me. Immediately panic and try to cover up a bit. Maybe hide your body behind the door so only your head is showing. “Oh my god SAM !!! What the fuck are you doing calling round on Christmas Day. Who does that?” Pretend I give you your purse. Reach out and take your purse. I tell you I’ll just leave. But you tell me to stop. You notice ive got a massive boner and there is someone walking down the street. How would it look if im seen leaving your house with a boner. You tell me to get inside quick. Part 2: Have the camera set up in the living room (have your Christmas tree in view). You walk in now with a cardigan over your outfit. Tell me you are so embarrassed you thought I was your husband and beg me not to tell my mom. You tell me that your husband is back any minute – you are trying for a baby. Tell me I need to get rid of that boner and leave right now. But I tell you once I get a boner I have to wank before it goes. You cant believe this!!! You realize that you are going to have to take care of it quick. You cant risk me wanking in case I cum all over the floor. So tell me to take out my cock. Take your cardigan off and then either take your panties off or move them to the side. I cant believe my luck as you then climb onto my cock. If you could use that dildo/torso toy you have as if its me and try to create the angle pov so it looks like its part of me that would be great. Maybe blow me/tit wank then ride me. Tell me I have to cum inside you so we don’t make a mess and that I have to be quick. Basically ride me until I cum. Grudgingly admit I have an okay cock for an 18 year old. Maybe I cheekily say you have a nice ass. Climb off but the cum drips out. You are like Shoot! Walkover to a draw andtake a key. Tell me to take it and use the backdoor quickly . Now go
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